Mandrus Wheels takes Mercedes Benz excellence seriously. It sets the standard they feel they must meet or exceed with each new light alloy aftermarket Mercedes Benz wheel they introduce. Since they make wheels only for Mercedes Benz cars, vans and SUVs, They’ve focused on their engineering and manufacturing processes over the years to ensure that the Mandrus aftermarket wheels you mount on your Mercedes are a clear upgrade over the wheels you are taking off, in style as well as quality. They pay strict attention to Mercedes Benz product specifications, such as offsets, the spec that determines how the tire and wheel fit in the wheel well in respect to suspension, brake and body components. Offsets vary from model to model, year to year and for different wheel sizes. So They produce virtually dozens of variations of each of their designs to ensure a perfect fit.

Mandrus 23 – Mandrus Arrow – Mandrus Atlas – Mandrus Estrella – Mandrus Mannheim – Mandrus Masche – Mandrus Millenium – Mandrus Otto – Mandrus Rotec – Mandrus Stark – Mandrus Stirling – Mandrus Wilhelm – Mandrus Wolf

Instagram has returned invalid data. Mandrus Wheels Size, Offset, Bolt Pattern and color ranges: -Mandrus Wheels Sizes: 16X7 17X7.5 17X8 17X9 18X8.5 18X9.5 19X8.5 19X9.5 20X8.5 20X9 20X10 20X11 -Mandrus Wheels Offsets: +20 +22 +25 +30 +32 +34 +35 +37 +38 +39 +40 +41 +42 +43 +44 +45 +46 +505 +52 +53 +54 +56 -Mandrus Wheels Bolt Patterns: 5X112 5X130 6X130