About the brands

3SDM wheels was founded in 2011 in the United Kingdom where they were extremely successfull and now they’ve expanded to the United States. theyre market is focused on both euro tuners and luxury. 3SDM brings the finest quality at the best Price.

3SDM 0.013SDM 0.043SDM 0.053SDM 0.063SDM 0.083SDM 0.093SDM 0.503SDM 0.66

3SDM Wheels Size, Offset, Bolt Pattern and color ranges:

-3SDM Wheels Sizes: 16X8 16X9 18X8.5 18X9.5 19X8.5 19X9.5 19X10 20X8.5 20X9 20X9.5 20X10 20X10.5 20X11 20X11.5 20X12

-3SDM Wheels Offset: +10 +18 +19 +20 +24 +25 +27 +30 +33 +35 +38 +40 +42 +44 +45 +48 +52

-3SDM Wheels Bolt Pattern: 4X100 4X108 5X100 5X108 5X112 5X114.3 5X120 5X130

Los Angeles based wheel company established in 2018. They have been in the wheel industry for decades, with their knowledge in wheels they decided to develop 5zero wheels a High performance wheel at an affordable price. 5Zero Flow Forming process reduces weight and increases strength compared to traditional cast aluminum wheels. 5zero wheels – Performance within reach

The team at AodHan Wheels has more than 10+ years in design, manufacturing and marketing of luxury customized wheels for the automotive industry. With leading edge style and precision engineering, their unique designs and wheel fitments support applications of performance, luxury and standard vehicles. they have created dedicated and highly educated team that focus on unique design, functionality and industry leading performance of our products.

Beyern designs and builds wheels to specifically fit BMW vehicles. Beyern does not make OE BMW wheels or copies of original equipment BMW wheels. they make the aftermarket BMW wheels that make you want to take off your original BMW wheels. Because they only make wheels to fit BMW vehicles they can produce without compromise. Their wheels are all hub-centric and compatible with your specific BMW in all the ways that really matter. Making aftermarket wheels for BMW vehicles is complex. Load rating, offset, center-bore, brake caliper clearance and size all need to be compatible with your BMW vehicle. This is what we have done without compromise for many years at Beyern and what sets us apart from ordinary custom wheels. Beyern aftermarket BMW wheels have passed every important testing standard in the world, including the German TUV standard, the Japanese JWL standard the and the American SAE standard. At Beyern they only do one thing and they do it right. Custom Wheels for BMW vehicles.

Avid 1 was started in 2012 its focus was European and Japanese tuner cars. Their goal was to provide a great quality wheels at an affordable price. Now they have a line up of different designs that range from European and Japanese classics. AVID 1 is now a leading brand that sells great designs at an affordable price.

F1R Wheels has years of experience catering to the aftermarket automotive industry. Each and every wheel is built to VIA/JWL regulations. They have fitments from 15″ t0 20″, paired with aggressive offsets and widths for all enthusiasts needs. They aim to provide the highest level of quality and excellence for each and every wheel.

F1R F01F1R F03F1R F04F1R F05F1R F07F1R F08F1R F17F1R F18F1R F21F1R F23F1R F27F1R F28F1R F29F1R F35F1R F101F1R F102F1R F103

F1R Wheels Size, Offset, Bolt Pattern and color ranges:

-F1R Wheels Sizes: 15X8 16X8 17X8 17X8.5 17X9 18X8.5 18X9.5 18X10.5 20X8.5 20X9 20X9.5 20X10 20X10.5 20X11

-F1R Wheels Offset: 0ET +15 +17 +20 +22 +25 +28 + 35 +38 +40 +42 +45

-F1R Wheels Bolt Pattern: 4X100 4X114.3 5X100 5X105 5X108 5X110 5X112 5X114.3 5X120

Mandrus Wheels takes Mercedes Benz excellence seriously. It sets the standard they feel they must meet or exceed with each new light alloy aftermarket Mercedes Benz wheel they introduce. Since they make wheels only for Mercedes Benz cars, vans and SUVs, They’ve focused on their engineering and manufacturing processes over the years to ensure that the Mandrus aftermarket wheels you mount on your Mercedes are a clear upgrade over the wheels you are taking off, in style as well as quality. They pay strict attention to Mercedes Benz product specifications, such as offsets, the spec that determines how the tire and wheel fit in the wheel well in respect to suspension, brake and body components. Offsets vary from model to model, year to year and for different wheel sizes. So They produce virtually dozens of variations of each of their designs to ensure a perfect fit.

With over 30 years of experience, MST Wheels was founded with the basic principle of providing the car enthusiasts around the world with top quality wheels at affordable prices. They have designs that capture japanese, european and american car enthusiasts eyes.

Option Lab Wheels was founded in April of 2013. Every Option Lab Wheel is Made by Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts. they thrive on delivering the latest design, proven manufacturing process and rigid testing procedure while keeping the wheels affordable. All of Option Lab Wheels are Low Pressure Cast, designed to meet or exceed the American SAE J2530, DOT-T and Japanese JWL/VIA standard. They put every wheel that we design through the vigorous tests so you can have a worry free ownership experience. Each wheel be backed with a limited lifetime structural warranty as well as a 1 year warranty on paint finish. Being car enthusiasts themselves, they take part in their local HPDE and Time Attack event as well as other events around the country. By interacting with fellow enthusiasts at these events They are able to develop products that you, the driver, need the most without exhausting your entire budget.

Regen5 Wheels was founded in 2017 focusing on the import tuner and stance market, they provide unique deigns with aggressive fitments and a high quality finish at an affordable price.

Rohana wheels Philosophy is both Innovation and Creativity. Rohana Wheels offers three unique collections including the all-new Forged Series, the Rotary Forged Series and the one that started it all, the RC Series. Distributed to over 40 countries, they are internationally recognized as an industry leader. All of their wheels are made with design and performance in mind. Their wheels are engineered to handle just about anything your car can dish out. Their brand is more than just creating wheels, it’s an ideology. An attitude of zero compromise and total commitment. The goal is to offer fellow enthusiasts the best possible service, selection, and quality. Twenty years of experience has allowed our brand to develop unique designs that embody what it means to carry the Rohana crest. Their style encompasses the history they’ve built around the automotive community and their quality is what allows them to continuously push the edge for you; the automotive enthusiast.

TSW Wheels was founded back in the 1960’s by a Formula One driver and has had a continuous involvement in motor sports ever since. Most of their custom wheels take their names from the world’s great racing venues. TSW is headquartered in California and serves customers worldwide. Nothing sets your car or SUV apart like a new set of distinctive custom wheels from TSW. Make a bold statement by choosing just the right design, finish and size from their collection of light alloy aftermarket wheels. You’ll discover that their wheels are as remarkable for their uncompromised quality, precision engineering, advanced materials and revolutionary manufacturing processes as they are for their stunning designs. There is always a better way to make products. They will always be able to design better products than they have today. They will be more efficient in the future than they are today. Maybe because their roots are in racing, they know that no matter how fast you are today, you can still go faster. They believe that their wheels do more than just make the world more beautiful. They try to do more than just design good looking wheels. They believe that wheels are safety critical products and that they should be engineered to carry the weight of the vehicles that ride on them. This should never be in doubt. They believe that they should fit the vehicle perfectly and that half a millimeter does make a difference. They believe that quality matters. They don’t like to compromise because sometimes there is no room for error. They believe they can make a difference, not because it will help them sell more wheels but because it matters to their customers and to anybody who rides on their products. At the very core, this is who they are.

Victor Equipment Wheels are purveyors of custom light alloy wheels exclusively for Porsche sports cars, luxury sedans and SUVs. they, too, are Porsche purists, and share those same values. For them the Porsche experience is almost a religion. And their pursuit is single minded: To produce perfect aftermarket Porsche wheels that exceed original equipment wheels in performance, appearance and exclusivity. To that end, they obsess over every specification, every technical detail, the purity of the alloys they use, the innovation of our manufacturing methods, the perfection of their finishes, the coherence of their fit. There is nothing quite like a Porsche And there’s nothing even close to a Porsche upgraded with a set of Victor Equipment wheels.

XO Luxury is designed in-house by their teams in California and Florida, XO Luxury wheels are the result of vigorous research and development to ensure premium quality in design, style, and craftsmanship. They are committed to making the XO Luxury Collection the most sought-after wheels on the market. Their facilities are where dreams become reality. They are passionate about the entire manufacturing and distribution process. From idea to reality, They’re here to make sure quality is king. They are backed by a long heritage of experience from all aspects of the automotive performance industry with trend-oriented designs and an eye for innovation. They utilize the latest in computer-aided engineering and testing. With Finite Element Analysis, They are able to perform extremely detailed testing which allows our engineers to view detailed visualizations of a wheel’s strongest points and distribution of stresses. This allows for designs to be refined and optimized before any physical testing occurs. In addition to this, their wheels undergo strenuous physical and chemical stress testing. This entire process ensures we provide the highest quality product to their customers.

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