3SDM wheels was founded in 2011 in the United Kingdom where they were extremely successful and now they’ve expanded to the United States. they’re market is focused on both euro tuners and luxury. 3SDM brings the finest quality at the best Price.

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3SDM 0.01-3SDM 0.04-3SDM 0.05-3SDM 0.06-3SDM 0.08-3SDM 0.09-3SDM 0.50-3SDM 0.66

3SDM Wheels Size, Offset, Bolt Pattern and color ranges:

-3SDM Wheels Sizes: 16X8 16X9 18X8.5 18X9.5 19X8.5 19X9.5 19X10 20X8.5 20X9 20X9.5 20X10 20X10.5 20X11 20X11.5 20X12

-3SDM Wheels Offset: +10 +18 +19 +20 +24 +25 +27 +30 +33 +35 +38 +40 +42 +44 +45 +48 +52

-3SDM Wheels Bolt Pattern: 4X100 4X108 5X100 5X108 5X112 5X114.3 5X120 5X130