F1R Wheels has years of experience catering to the aftermarket automotive industry. Each and every wheel is built to VIA/JWL regulations. They have fitments from 15″ to 20″, paired with aggressive offsets and widths for all enthusiasts needs. They aim to provide the highest level of quality and excellence for each and every wheel.

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F1R F01-F1R F03-F1R F04-F1R F05-F1R F07-F1R F08-F1R F17-F1R F18-F1R F21-F1R F23-F1R F27-F1R F28-F1R F29-F1R F35-F1R F101-F1R F102-F1R F103

F1R Wheels Size, Offset, Bolt Pattern and color ranges:

-F1R Wheels Sizes: 15X8 16X8 17X8 17X8.5 17X9 18X8.5 18X9.5 18X10.5 20X8.5 20X9 20X9.5 20X10 20X10.5 20X11

-F1R Wheels Offset: 0ET +15 +17 +20 +22 +25 +28 + 35 +38 +40 +42 +45

-F1R Wheels Bolt Pattern: 4X100 4X114.3 5X100 5X105 5X108 5X110 5X112 5X114.3 5X120