Rosenstein a new line of flow formed wheels. With their flow forming technology, they are able to reduce the weight of each wheel while improving the structural integrity. Each wheel goes through extensive testing, all JWL, VIA, DOT, and SAE approved. As the automotive industry continues to grow, more and more wheels are being created. There are several methods in creating these wheels, but flow forming has been proven to create top notch performance wheels in terms of weight and structure. When the wheels are finished, samples are picked from each batch to undergo multiple safety tests. The 13 Degree Impact Resistance Tester tests whether or not the wheel will break taking a large amount of force (up to 1150kg/2535lbs) at a 13 degree angle. The same test is also done to the wheel at a 90 degree angle. These are just a few of the safety tests they run on their wheels. Other tests include cornering, radial, and balance tests (meeting SAE J2530 standards). All wheels come with a manufacturer lifetime structural warranty and a two year paint warranty. Rosenstein, when performance meets class.